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Spanish home daycare in Santa Monica

We’re a Spanish Child Care Home, based in Playa Vista, that helps children to become more creative individuals.



Can Creativity be Taught?

Kids are naturally creative. They don’t need lessons on how to use their imagination. Our goal is simply protecting, encouraging and nurturing their natural creative instincts so they learn to freely express themselves.



The key to Early Education? Starting Early. 

A child’s first years of life are crucial for their future development. Trying new ideas, and new ways of problem-solving fosters mental growth, and helps them develop key skills for their future.



It's better together.

Creativity is not complicated. It’s simply a habit. Interaction, collaboration, and shared play are key elements in their development. Nothing helps grow a child as much as playing with a good friend.



We celebrate optimism. 

Traditional education usually comes down to everything we can’t or shouldn’t do. We instead preach optimism. Showing constant support and appreciation is key to building children’s self-esteem and passion for learning. They’ll need it down the road.



Bilingual kids are more empathetic.

A recent study by the University of Chicago proves it, but honestly, we didn’t need any research. As parents of bilingual children, we’ve seen it first hand. Our full-immersion Spanish program helps children to become more empathetic, and empathy is the best tool of any creative person.



Kids just need to be kids.

Mother Nature has already figured out an amazing way to learn new things. It’s called ‘playing’. We don’t believe in lectures, lessons or repetitive tasks. Playing is all the serious business that children need to do.